Seismic zone classification

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Gamage et al. used the sP depth phase to refine the focal depths and found that a double seismic zone had also formed in the vicinity of the Japan Trench. Seismic surveys (e.g., Tsuru et al. 2002 , Miura et al. 2003 ) and seismic tomography (e.g., Zhao et al. 2011 , Liu and Zhao 2018 , Hua et al. 2020 ) have also revealed the depth of the plate boundary and the. Seismic Use Group • AWWA-D100 Section 13.2: Seismic Use Group is a classification assigned to the tank based on its intended use and expected performance. Seismic Use Group III shall be used unless otherwise specified. • Seismic Use Group III: Serves facilities that are deemed essential for.
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